Searching for Investment Casting Company? Here’s what you need to bear in mind.

Investment casting is one of the traditional manufacturing techniques where a mould is formed by pouring or brushing a liquid metal into a cavity. This process is used for the production of several things, including coins and ingots, through a variety of traditional and industrial processes. It is one of the oldest methods of casting; foundries were casting parts over a hundred years ago. However, investment casting became a popular process for manufacturing parts when foundries started investing in automation equipment. Today, investment casting creates solid and lightweight parts, such as engine blocks and propeller shafts. An investment casting company needs to be highly specialized and should have a focus on this certain area. This blog will look at the most important things that you need to consider when selecting an investment casting company.

How does Investment Casting work?

The first step is the wax injection, a pattern made of wax is created by a wax injection press, forcing the wax paste at high pressure into a mould, known as die.

In the second step, a number of such patterns are made by sticking them to wax bars called sprues or runners. A cluster of such patterns into wax bars is called wax assembly.

The third step is shelling where the wax assembly is dipped into a ceramic slurry. The process of dipping the wax assembly is repeated a few times depending on the sizes of the components.

After the wax assembly is covered with refractory layers, it is left for searing. Once it is completely dry, the wax inside the assembly is removed by melting it at high temperatures in the steam autoclave.

Therefore, the removal of the wax is and this process is also called the "Lost wax process".

In step 4 the shell is preheated in a shell preheating furnace to make it strong enough to hold out against the metal pressure when the liquid metal is poured into the shell.

Once the metal has settled and cooled, the shells are kept inside a vibrating machine so the brittleness of the ceramic makes it break and the metal assembly comes out.

Individual castings are put away from the cluster using an electric arc. These castings are then heat treated to acquire mechanical properties.

After the castings are formed, it is an important step to grind off unwanted portions of the casting followed by finishing the surface. This process is called Fettling.

Predictive Maintenance for Uninterrupted Operations

Investment casting is popularly known as a near net-shaped process that can be done with the right performing tools. The key to best quality casting begins with participation of the supplier during the initial stage of the design.

It is very important to work with the right set of tools and techniques for the manufacturing process. Using a high-quality wax injection tool helps to reduce time and aids in creating precision tools for better quality complex parts with high tolerance.

Before choosing an investment casting company, one has to keep in mind the complexities of design geometry. Design flexibility is one of the most important features to cast intricate shapes and incorporate complex design features such as thin-walled parts, precise dimensional shapes, etc.

When one thinks of investment casting, time and speed are the first things that click in their mind. It is crucial to get your project completed on time. In order to run complete operations from tooling to finishing on schedule, companies need to run casting processes in a consecutive way.

While most casting companies offer the cheapest part price, it is crucial to look at the components of quality. For low quantity parts, permanent tooling becomes more expensive.

Here, SLA or other printed patterns will be a cost-effective method. Before finalizing any investment casting company, it is crucial to consider their tooling cost.

  1. Quality
  2. Tools & Techniques
  3. Design Complexities
  4. Speed & On-time Delivery
  5. Cost

Partnering with a company that can provide you with quality investment casting solutions is a smart decision. By choosing a company that has the experience, has the proper equipment, and has a workforce that is up to the task, you can decrease the chances of flaws and defects, resulting in a quality product. Tamboli Castings is the most reliable, efficient casting parts manufacturer with more than 15 years of industry experience. You can count on us for high quality investment casting solutions.

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